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Dev Diary Entry, 26 May 2020

I’ve stopped counting how many weeks ago lockdown started now! It’s the new normal.

I published a blog post this week! Only two minutes before writing this week’s Dev Diary mind you, but the main thing is I’ve completed a piece of writing and should be able to publish more consistently now I’ve broke my dry spell. Join me next week and I might have completed another of my half-finished posts!

  • CSS Transitions for Multiple Properties on One Element - I published something at last! A 2 minute read on something I stumbled with in CSS a few weeks ago.
  • Modern CSS Solutions - I love this series by Stephanie Eckles and especially the post Totally Custom List Styles which offers an alternative to my emoji bullet point solution.
  • I redesigned the footer on this site. I had a long row of text-less icons for each of my social profiles (e.g. LinkedIn, GitHub, Twitter). I changed them to a grid layout with some hopefully more helpful text next to them. Perhaps I have too many links I want to share, but with this design I hope it’s clearer what site visitors could do if they click on them.

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