I want to redesign my blog: add some new layouts and change the copy, especially the landing page. So I’ve made a commitment to myself to commit some code to it everyday until I’m happier with it. This means I can chip away at it gradually and make good progress 🤞

  • I wrote a new blog post about how to replace normal bullet points with emoji and cross-posted to dev.to - got a lot of positivie reactions if not a lot of views!
  • I finished the official Google Analytics for Beginners course. It was kind of helpful (and didn’t take too long) but basic since I’m familiar with the Analytics dashboard already. I’m still keen to improve me SEO so I think I’ll take the next course soon.
  • I watched the Egghead course Converting Sass to CSS-in-JS. I regularly use CSS-in-JS at work with a library but have a Sass background so this was interesting to me. The course doesn’t use a library, but instead explains how to implement CSS-in-JS from scratch, which demystified the whole concept for me. It offers a way to write an app without Sass but still with the power of Sass. There are replacements for variables, mixins (an arrow function), default parameters, non-required argument order and variable numbers of arguments using the rest operator.
  • Variable fonts - a good introduction to the subject, but I particulary liked his gist for system fallback fonts.
  • Sans Forgetica is a font that was designed to help you remember your notes better - what a cool concept!