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Work History

My CV is accessible in this Google doc.

Find my list of past jobs on LinkedIn.

Main Skills

  • React (with Redux and styled components)
  • vanilla JavaScript
  • CSS (I love writing CSS)
  • Magento layout
  • writing clean maintainable code
  • working as part of a team, mentoring junior members and sharing knowledge
  • command line, source control with Git, time manangement with Jira - the usual stuff

I've worked with lots of JavaScript libraries and frameworks, including Backbone, jQuery, Angular 1 and even YUI. I've also written Java and Ruby in the past. I can quickly pick up a new JavaScript framework if I haven't worked with it yet.

What I'm looking for in my next role

  • part-time (approximately 20 hours a week)
  • remote or within 1 hour's commute of Warrington, UK
  • offers flexible working patterns
  • involves building web applications using JavaScript and CSS
  • bonus: involves dev advocacy, mentoring, blogging or working with the wider tech community

I am flexible with location, for example, I could visit the office once a month and work remotely for the rest of the time.

I will consider permanent or contract positions.

I'd love to chat about new opportunities. Send me an email at