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Dev Diary Entry, 8th November 2021

How has another 3 months gone by with me barely posting anything? All my 2021 goals are looking very unrealistic (post x number of blog posts, read x number of books) so it’s easy to think 2021 has been “unsuccessful”. However, since the last UK lockdown ended in Spring, 2021 has been a vast improvement on 2020 for me personally, and content creation and consumption have been replaced by actually getting out and doing things in real life 🎉.

I’ve got into a nice rhythm of working in the office again now. It was a big readjustment at first, especially as I was only going in an average of once a week, which made it hard to get used to. However, a few months in and I now look forward to the change of scenery from the desk in my spare bedroom.

What I've been doing this week:

What I've been reading this week:

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