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Dev Diary Entry, 16th June 2020

I’ve started a new thing this week: spend 10 minutes a day learning. This is to break down the mental barrier that stops me doing online courses or learning a new technology. 10 minutes is easily achievable, and will hopefully lead to spending more than 10 minutes coding once I start and realise it isn’t so bad after all! Of course by “learning” I mean specifically learn more about frontend tech!. I’ve started with a course on CSS Grid because I’ve been making excuses about learning it thoroughly for 2 years now.

  • Using target=’_blank’ the right way - This is a common security vulnerability that is easy to fix. Add rel='noopener noreferrer' to any _blank links. I don’t open my links in new tabs normally but noticed that my RSS feed was set to do this, so I added those attributes.
  • Better (more accessible) active link styling - Explains that when you highlight a link with CSS to say ‘you are on this page’, screen readers don’t benefit from this and suggests using aria-current instead. I definitely want to do this on my website!
  • Form design: multiple inputs versus one input - Adam’s posts are always so interesting and this article reasons why using one input field is often more user-friendly.

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