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Dev Diary Entry, 19th May 2020

Perfectionism in coding and writing is a real problem for me - I sometimes can’t get past planning or drafting something because I find the pressure of building something using best practices too overwhelming. I’ve barely blogged this year but I have half a dozen topics I want to write about but I’m never happy with anything I start writing. I’m hoping to push through this inner saboteur and publish a blog post to tell you about in next week’s Dev Diary. 🤞

  • I decided to look at the outline colour of focussed links on and see if I could improve the contrast. It’s perfectly valid to leave this as it is (i.e. that pale blue in Chrome) but why not make it better? I ended up using a different colour depending on the background of the site, i.e. the header and footer links against a purple backdrop need a different colour than my body text that uses a white background.
  • LCH colors in CSS: what, why, and how? - ‘We have no access to one third of the colors in most modern monitors.’ Using LCH colours means we’ll get about 50% more colours than we already do!
  • Using CSS to Control Text Selection - Explaining the user-select CSS property which I was unfamiliar with.
  • Gardened. - A really thought-provoking post where the author explains how to create a well-built website you have to go above and beyond, and creating the bare-minimum generally doesn’t offer a good experience. I’ve thought about this a lot myself and agree.

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