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Dev Diary Entry, 21st April 2020

It’s the fifth week of lockdown and I should stop talking about it because every week is the same as the last!! Other countries are beginning to lift restrictions but the UK is doing terribly with testing and infections so I think we’ll be here for a while yet, at least June. I’m trying to keep my mind busy and tinker on a few projects when I’m not looking after the baby. I want to work through my huge “Watch Later” playlist on YouTube of conference talks so I’ve started putting one on in the background when I’m cooking or doing housework. Same time next week!

  • Linkinator - I used this nifty tool (using npx in the terminal) to check whether any links in my Dev Diary page were broke and found a couple of typos for links, oops!
  • Styled Components vs. CSS Stylesheets - This was a thorough comparison between the pros and cons of each approach and by the end I couldn’t decide myself which was best to use.
  • Enhancing The Clickable Area Size - Not enough clickable space around links and icons is an issue I see on sites and apps all the time 😤 This post should be essential reading for frontend developers and also the QAs that test their work.

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