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Dev Diary Entry, 7th April 2020

Entering week 3 of UK lockdown. The weather is good, the supermarket has toilet roll in stock and my internet connection is reliable, what is there to complain about?

  • I had a fan-girl moment when Chris Coyier liked my article about CSS polka dot backgrounds on and followed me. He also followed me on Codepen and my polka dot pen made it to the homepage of picked pens! This was something I wrote back in summer 2018 which shows content can build traction over time :) I’ve noticed the polka dot post has received much more interaction lately and I’d love to know why!
  • I added the <article> HTML tag to my blog after reading Why You Should Choose HTML5 article Over section. Content within the article tag should be standalone and able to be syndicated in another place, which lends itself well to blog posts.
  • New media queries you need to know - I love all these new media queries, like prefers-reduced-data and dark-mode ones, but it makes me wonder how they would ever get implemented on a product without a lot of input from informed frontend developers?

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