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Dev Diary Entry, 24th March 2020

The UK has entered lockdown today, so life outside has been cancelled for 3 weeks at least. I’m grateful to work in an industry mostly based on the internet, so I can still stay connected and keep my own skills relevant, even if I’m not currently employed.

  • Emoji Shortcode Roulette - I made a single-page site that generates a random emoji and its accompanying GitHub shortcode for fun.
  • The two-value syntax of the CSS Display property - The display property in CSS is being refactored, so that flex => block flex and inline-flex => inline flex. This is only available in Firefox right now and should make this property easier to understand.
  • Make your test fail - When doing TDD always begin with a failing test and then fix it, don’t skip straight to green. I’ve been guilty of this myself.
  • Inspiring high school students with HTML and CSS - I liked the author states she wants to be a visible female role model for girls. The author made a good point in that there isn’t an easy way to be exposed to web dev, as most platforms girls use nowadays are customisation-free unlike MySpace etc in the old days.

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