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Dev Diary Entry, 27th February 2020

January turned out to be very quiet for me, but February has been a lot busier. I’ve got several job leads in the pipeline and I also found out that I’d been accepted to speak at UpFront Conference next month! I’ll be doing a 5 minute lightning talk as part of the underrepresented speaker bursary program. I hope March is as exciting!

  • I attended a full day of speaker training in Manchester as part of being accepted onto UpFront Conf’s underrepresented speaker program with five other speakers. It was very useful and I’ve near enough got my talk laid out six weeks in advance!
  • Achievements Unlocked in 2019 - I belatedly posted my own year in review post. Spoiler: I had a baby.
  • Zell Liew’s 2019 review - I love reading other developer’s annual review posts, and this one also surprisingly featured candid confessions about being a new parent which I loved reading.
  • Microbrowsers are Everywhere - all about those little site previews you see in chat apps and on social media.

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