It’s time to seriously look for a new job. I was made redundant back in August just a couple of months into maternity leave, when went into administration. I’d like to go back to work in the New Year, because I’ve taken all the baby classes I can stand! I want to work part-time, which isn’t common, so I’m going to have to so some self-promotion and reach out to employers. All the recruiters I’ve messaged on LinkedIn go mysteriously quiet when I mention the word “part-time”. Have I ever told you I hate dealing with recruiters?

  • I’ve given this website a new lick of paint. Picking the perfect font combination takes me months!
  • I’ve added a Work History page to this site so that users don’t need to navigate to LinkedIn to see my job history. Plus, it keeps me in possession of my own data and I can customise it.
  • The current state of styling selects in 2019 - I’ve always found selects very limiting and difficult to customise.