went into administration last week and I, alongside all my colleagues, was made redundant. This doesn’t affect me too much since I’m on maternity leave but it was still a shock and not what I wanted to hear when my baby had just turned one month old! I’ll write a blog post or Instagram caption about this another time but this was definitely my biggest “dev” news this week.

  • I’m trying to standardise my handles across different sites and services to be the same, i.e. to be ‘clairecodes’ or my married name. This week I’ve done and GitHub - I have a feeling I’ll find incorrect GitHub references for a long time to come!
  • I posted to Instagram for the first time since I had my son and gave a life update to all my internet pals.
  • Why I No Longer Provide Free Disability Access Advice - a little bit disheartening but powerful.