Second week of maternity leave complete, and I haven’t felt the need to keep up-to-date with tech Twitter or read any of the coding newsletters that keep arriving in my inbox just yet. I’m still getting used to the lack of strict routine for 57 days and also spending a lot of time catching up on baby prepaprations that I’ve been ignoring while I was still working.

  • I kept up my GitHub streak for most of last week with my Vue side-project but decided to let it go over the weekend. I’ll still continue with the side-project but found myself forcing small commits just for the green squares - the fun had gone from it!
  • I posted a blog post musing about CV-Driven-Development. I’d like to write more wordy, opinion-based posts but get lost in them. I definitely don’t feel confident enough to cross-post this one anywhere, for example. Practice makes perfect though.