I’ve been on maternity leave for a week now and have been very busy so far - even though I’m not in work there’s plenty of chores and jobs to be done, especially with baby prep! I’ve maintained my GitHub streak with a new project (although on a repo I haven’t made public yet) but haven’t found time to work on blog posts or catch up on links/email newsletters. I’m expecting to develop more of a routine over the next week.

  • I started a new side-project with VueJS and love it! It is so easy to get started with compared to React. I’ve found an Egghead course to go over the basics more thoroughly which I’ll try this week too.
  • I’ve never needed to copy anything to the clipboard before using JavaScript, but finally found an excuse with my side-project. I’ve always wanted to try clipboardJS which is nice wrapper around the DOM methods and found it very simple to implement.