Today is my last day of work before my maternity leave starts!! I also have a three week GitHub streak going on which will be interesting to see how long I can maintain.

  • To practise Gatsby I started a blog about Magento 1 last year. I don’t have any new posts to write now I don’t work with Magento but I upgraded it this week from Gatsby v1 to v2, which took longer than I anticipated.
  • 10 questions you should ask in a web dev interview - these are really important: I personally never ask enough about how projects are managed in an interview and it’s a pivotal part of your day-to-day role.
  • Do you want Beyonce styled colour-themes for your code editor? Mina Markham has an entire repo for different programs!
  • In defense of the ternary statement - there is a lot of fear around ternaries but I agree with this post that they aren’t that scary.