I was away on holiday this week, but that never stops me taking my laptop wherever I’m travelling to and doing a bit of light reading.

  • I posted a blog about the universal selector in CSS * and got a good reaction from the dev.to community when I cross-posted it. It got tweeted out on their main account (🏆 internet points!) and I earned a badge for my account for posting an article for four weeks in a row! (I posted it at 23:50 on Sunday night too! 🤭) It was especially satisfying because it took me ages to write: I knew roughly what I wanted to say but couldn’t get it to read well, and it took more time to research than I thought).
  • I wrote up an issue I was having with Liquid tags in pre blocks in a blog post. It was very specific to my GitHub Pages/deployment setup so I didn’t cross-post it anywhere but it might help someone!
  • Building a dependency free site by Michelle Barker - an interesting experiment, but I really liked how Michelle admitted that she wouldn’t stop using Sass for a while yet: I see more and more more devs denouncing Sass lately.
  • How to avoid the boolean trap when designing React components - gave me food for thought about Booleans and how they can be overused and indicate additional complexity in your components.
  • Finally a CSS only solution to hover on touchscreens - this has been an issue for a long time! Nice to see progress being made.