Productive week this week 🏆 I made the most of time in the evenings and didn’t spend mindless hours on YouTube. I even got back in the habit of daily Instagram posting.

  • I worked through EggHead’s course on npx and made some notes about it. I’ll definitely be using the npx command.
  • I had an idea for a custom Hugo theme and started working on that. It’s good to get into styling again and this will also give me an opportunity to work on my design skills.
  • I worked out how to get Sass compilation running on a Hugo site using a template function and pipes thanks to this blog post. This has meant I’ve deleted a convoluted npm script from my personal blog and simplified my process for writing styles 🙌
  • I don’t hate arrow functions - Kyle Simpson explains his opinions on arrow functions in this post but I found the most important takeaway was his discussion on having informed opinions on programming concepts. He emphasized being able to discuss things sensibly and being open to changing your opinion. Programmers needs lots of reminders about this!