It was International Women’s Day last Friday. I find “celebrations” of it in the workplace more awkward every year: “oh look, there’s not many of you are there?”, but on Instagram it was a very positive affair. However I’m very cynical about it all and I’m sure some people and companies just pay lip-service to diversity for the retweets and mentions 🙃

  • Links that don’t go anywhere should be buttons - a reminder from Christian Heilmann on when to use <a> tags or <button> tags that I think everyone needs a refresher on annually!
  • Paint the Picture Not the Frame - an article about leaving the basic functionality of the browser alone in order not to disrupt the user experience. CSS Tricks currently have a design that change the design of the scrollbar, which I’m not a fan of, and one of my pet peeves is when websites tamper with the scroll speed of a page.