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Interests 23rd October 2018

  • 🎃 Nearly three quarters of the way through Blogtober. I didn’t manage to get as much written this week as I’d like, and was 7 posts behind at one point! This is definitely forcing me to write shorter and more concise posts, and even split some post ideas into two. This is good though - short concise posts are easier to read. All my Blogtober posts are listed here.
  • 🔀 I published a Chrome extension on the Chrome store this week! The extension itself is fairly trivial: it reverses the current order of your tabs - it’s called ‘Sbat tabs’ geddit? It took longer than I expected to publish though! Making the icon and a screenshot for the Chrome store was harder for me than writing code.
  • 📚 This post by Brad Frost talked about the pros and cons of nesting selectors in Sass, and seemed to conclude with how difficult they are to search for if the & selector is used.
  • ⚡️ I used a couple of techniques from this blog post to make my HTML in blog posts more semantic this week: the <kbd> element when explaining keyboard shortcuts (seen here), and the <abbr> for acronyms (used here).
  • 🎥 I revisited this CSS Tricks blog post for ideas on screen recording for blog posts. I’ve settled on Giphy Capture for now, which you can see in action in this blog post.

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