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Interests 4th October 2018

I’ve been on holiday this week, so all my weekly development themed newsletters are backing up in my inbox.

  • 📸 Getting a viral Instagram post with this shot of my GitHub contributions dashboard. It went bonkers for likes and comments!
  • 👫 Gaining lots of new people to follow on Github from the caption of the aforementioned photo. I’ve been feeling lonely on my GitHub newsfeed for what feels like years, and I thought the best solution was to ask my Instafam for some help! It worked out really well! 😄
  • 🎃 I want to do Blogtober, but it’s not going well with my holiday right at the beginning of October! We’ll see if I can catch up over the next few days.
  • 🖥 create-react-app has released version 2 which is very exciting! I’ll be upgrading my sandbox React app to take advantage of all the new features ASAP!

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