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  • 📚 I read this blog post that proposed that you didn’t always need to use arrow functions: this was an interesting viewpoint as I sometimes think that I should replace every instance of function() { return x } with a fat arrow, which this post suggests isn’t always necessary.
  • ✨ I created a new GitHub repo to hold all the CSS illustrations I make for photos on my Instagram feed, like in this photo.
  • 🖥 I started working on a web scraper for some price information (private repo sorry!). I started off with Cheerio and Node, but switched to NightmareJs when I realised that the info I wanted was generated client side, and that promises could help me. I used this thorough blog post for assistance.
  • 🗓 I went to this month’s McrFRED meet up where we heard about serverless architecture for frontend apps. This isn’t something I think about on a day-to-day basis so it was a neat introduction to the topic and a good recommendation for AWS if I happen to need something like this for a personal project.

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