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  • I had a cheeky few days in Gran Canaria last week, sans code, and now I’ve forgotten all my GraphQL learnings again.
  • I went to an awesome meetup just before my holiday called Her+Data in Manchester: really nice group of people, interesting talks and well-run!
  • After creating many Atom extensions and never finishing them, I published Rainbow Tree, which changes the colours of you project directories to rainbow colours depending on the directory depth.
  • Enjoyed reading this blog post by Rachel Smith about not having imposter syndrome. To be honest I don’t feel like an imposter in tech either and can’t empathise with this movement where everyone likes to admit to being an imposter. I had bad times and moments when I doubt myself, but I’ve never been an imposter - I deserve to be here as much as anyone else and know just as much as the next person about my job.
  • How have I not read anything by Joel Spolsky before?? His five worlds blog post is a classic and talks about how not every solution is relevant to your world/situation/setup/product/company.

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