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  • I wrote a guest blog post for The Girl Code about my experiences working as a developer in the tech industry. You can read it by clicking here. I didn’t realise I had so much to say about confidence and belief in yourself, nor that I’d worked with so many languages before writing them out!
  • I took over the WomenInTech Snapchat account for TechTuesday! (It also got posted to their Instagram stories) It was a huge thing for me as I a) hadn’t used Snapchat much before 😱 b) never post voice clips on Instagram c) struggle with selfies on a good day. But I did it! I think it went OK?? It’s difficult to tell and I was too embarrassed to watch it back once I’d done it lol. But I got over the fear of speaking on camera and listening to myself back, plus I discovered I had a lot to talk about regarding tech blogging and CSS. Also gained a few new Instagram followers 😉
  • GraphQL is my new nemesis (it used to be Redux). Going to have a lot of headaches this week as I get my head around it, all the while pairing on a big feature in work 😖

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