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How to Group Hugo Posts by Year

  1 minute read

Here’s how to group and count posts by year in Hugo, using the GroupByDate function.

Within a list.html layout template:

    {{ range .Pages.GroupByDate "2006" }}
        <li>There were {{ len .Pages }} posts in the year {{ .Key }}</li>
        <!-- You can add another range here to get individual posts, for example: -->
        <!--  {{ range .Pages.ByTitle }} -->
    {{ end }}
<div>There are {{ len .Pages }} total posts.</div>

This code will output a list, something like:

  • There were 20 posts in the year 2022
  • There were 6 posts in the year 2021

It will skip any years that don’t have posts.

You aren’t limited to just year: "2006" can be swapped for other date formats and layouts, for example:

  • "2006-01" which will group posts by month per year
  • "January 2006" which will also group posts by month per year but will format the date differently

Check this Hugo docs page for other date layouts.

Posts will be sorted in descending order by default (the latest date first) but can be swapped to the oldest first by adding asc: {{ range .Pages.GroupByDate "2006" "asc" }}.

Check this Hugo docs page for more information about grouping and ordering posts.