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Blogtober 2022 Introduction

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Blogtober 2022

I challenged myself to Blogtober 4 years ago in 2018 and ended up publishing 22 blog posts (out of 31) and finding it pretty fun too. This page lists all my Blogtober 2018 posts. I’ve completely lost my writing habit, so I thought the Blogtober challenge would be a great way to rediscover it. And maybe some of my half-finished draft posts may finally see the light of day.

I can’t remember where I got the idea for Blogtober from, but here is what I expect from myself for the month:

  • To post 31 posts, one for each day of October from the 1st to the 31st
  • There’s no minimum or maximum post length
  • Write about any subject I like! But most likely frontend web development or web design

The aim is to do better than Blogtober 2019 where I posted a kick-off post on the 1st October and nothing else!

I’ll update this post with each new Blogtober post as a mini-contents page. And since I’m publishing this on the 1st October I get a nice easy one to ease me in! Wish me luck!