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Blogtober 2019

  1 minute read

Last year I challenged myself to complete Blogtober: to publish a blog post to this site once a day throughout October. I didn’t do too badly, and wrote a total of 21 out of 31 posts. This year will be a little different though, since I’ve got a new baby to work around (he’s 3 months old today!) and the posts won’t be as technical or detailed, since that’s just not where my head is at the moment, deep into maternity leave. They’ll still be tech-orientated, but more general and opinion-based. I’m also aiming to post every other day instead of each day, because babies, and it’s my challenge so I make the rules 🤠.

Why am I doing this? Why does anyone do these types of challenges? Because I want to - I enjoy writing and want to encourage myself to write more, especially with my new routine, or rather lack of it. Plus I’ve just finished watching all seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls on Netflix since having the baby and I’ve got a bit of spare time!

So the challenge is: post every other day throughout October, i.e. 16 times (this post is included).

Blogtober 2019 posts:

1st October: Blogtober 2019 (you’re reading it)