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Blogging on Your Birthday

  2 minute read

Note: my original intention for this blog post was to write it on my actual birthday (which was yesterday, 6th October), but it turned out I didn’t get chance. But I did think about what I was going to write, so I the thought was there.

A Birthday Haiku

A birthday blog post

Implies I’m having no fun

The cake is a lie

A coding poet

Embarrassing isn’t it? Why would I publish a bad poem on the internet? Why would anyone write a blog post about anything on their birthday? Haven’t I got anything better to do?

Getting older, and especially escaping my twenties, has meant becoming more sure of myself:

  • I am more confident in my beliefs and opinions
  • I am more comfortable with my character
  • I am much less concerned about what everyone else thinks about me

However, I still struggle with confidence and worry about other people’s perception of me too often. Writing a bad haiku, on my birthday, and publishing it on the internet, isn’t the coolest or most exciting thing to do. You might think I’m remarkably uncool for doing so. But does that matter? No, not at all!

This post is a reminder to myself not to care what other people think, and to just do what makes me happy, even if that’s writing silly blog posts on my birthday. 😎🎂✨