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Escape from Node Mountain

  1 minute read

A quick tip that will save a lot of hassle.

We’ve all been there - you open a file in node_modules, then the tree view focus is lost amongst dozens of folders. In order to select another file outside node_modules you have to scroll for miles and miles.

To quickly escape from this node modules prison, click on the file in tree view so that it has focus, then press the left arrow key repeatedly until you’re free and have returned to the lush green plains at the root of your project.

It even closes the folders on it’s way up! So clean!

Gif illustrating escape from node modules directory using the left arrow key

Note: this trick also works in VSCode.

Note: the material from this post was inspired by this post on but I really wanted to rewrite it myself, because one the main reasons I have this blog is for storing helpful tips for me. 🙂